1997 Honda Civic ex
Owner: Jonathan Molina (97hondacivicex)
Date Added: 04/12/2008
Date Updated: 08/19/2008
Ride Specs

D16Y8 1.6L 16v SOHC V-tec
AEM short ram intake
Pace setter exhaust system
vtec powder coated valve cover


racing pedals
shoulder pads
I want to custom paint the dash, but dont know were to start. (suggestions?)


sohc vtec decals
%28 tint (I know random)
fake scoops


16 inch Enkei


megan racing upper front strut bar

Too much brake dust, I have to constantly clean my front rims. Any suggestions.


pioneer stereo
bright white bulbs

Future Mods

Next year mods

venom 400
body kit
neon lights

Posted By: big boy
Date: 08/11/2008
hey u commented my site in may askin about the kit and u dont have to do any modifications but where i got if from was from JDM good luck hit me up if u wana know anything ealse

Posted By: brob
Date: 06/07/2008
Nice Civic!

You can find lots of emblems and stuff on ebay.

Posted By: cusintegra
Date: 06/06/2008
nice ride

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 06/06/2008

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 06/01/2008
I Hooked up my Trunk Layout Again and Even Better. Check it out. >>>Later<<<


Posted By: triumphite
Date: 05/22/2008
Hi there. Take off the sound deading stuff they put on the EX. Then a soft brush and some Dawn dish soap. It will gently take the grease and oil off. Then I keep it clean with some Formula 409(kitchen cleaner/degreaser).Lots of elbow grease, too!!!

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 05/15/2008
Skip the VTEC controller and the Venom 400, they're junk...

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 04/20/2008
Nice Civic. Clean. Keep it up.

Posted By: 34343
Date: 04/16/2008
1000$ for the turbo it self. I got a friend to install it for 250$

Posted By: el_negro
Date: 04/15/2008
looks good to star with ur modifications..keep in touch...

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 04/15/2008
Looks cool, but needs to be Lowered a Little. Need more Pictures. Also, If your putting a turbo kit, then why waste money on Headers now? >>>Later<<<


Posted By: MobiggaLx
Date: 04/13/2008
clean civic like where ur goin with it keep it clean