1995 Honda Accord EX 4dr
Owner: Kenny Chan (hahakenny)
Date Added: 09/21/2007
Date Updated: 10/12/2007
Ride Specs

JDM H22A Vtec (Automatic)
Injen Cold Air Intake
Custom VIPGARAGE 2.5" Exhaust
Vibrant Muffler
Skunk2 68mm Throttle Body
Ported Stock Intake Manifold.
DC Sports Ceramic Header
Razin Volt Meter and Ground Wires
MSD Ignition system: SS Blaster External Coil, Digital SCI
Optima Yellowtop Battery

(Sold my F22B Vtec Engine)


Stock Fabric Interior
S7 Dash Guages
Apexi VAFC2


Extreme Body Kit
Dual Blue Halo Projectors
Vador Style Carbon Fibre Hood I picked up on Craigslist.org
Aerocatch Flush Mounted Hood Pins and Lock
I posted the install here:


TenzoR 18" Passion 5 Rims / Pirelli P Zero Nero Size P215/40 Tires


Tein SS Coilover set
Suspension Technics Front and Rear Anti-Roll Sway Bars
Front APC Strut Bar
Energy Suspension Ploy Urethane Bushings all around
4 wheel brake disks w/ Front Slotted Brakes


Kenwood Double Din DVD Player
Alpine 5 Channel Amp
2 x 12" MXD Subs

Future Mods

Currently in the shop for:
H22A Swap
-Skunk2 68mm Throttle Body <--- Meant for manual vehicles only... the technician is modding it to fit my auto.
-Skunk2 Intake Manifold <---- Does not fit in accords. Had to trade for Ported Stock Intake Manifold.
-DC Sports Ceramic Header
-Injen Intake
Custom 2.5" Exhaust
-Highflow Cat
-Flat Black Muffler (Don't remember what brand)
(All this crap is costing me over $5,000!!! It better be worth it!)

Next Mods:
OEM Bumpers w/ Lip Kit (anyone have extras? :P )
Stock Tail Lights or TYC Tail Lights
JDM Headlights w/ HIDs
(Trying to get rid of the cracked body kit look and go back to a subtle JDM look)

Posted By: tyakaace
Date: 05/01/2009
whats up man....nice ride... where did you get your dash kit from...

Posted By: delux_pak
Date: 05/22/2008
nice car

check mine out


Posted By: NeonNyte05
Date: 03/13/2008
yo thanks for the comment i like how u got the tail lights an the side skirts to.

Posted By: HondaChick
Date: 01/14/2008
Its an automatic.

Posted By: HondaChick
Date: 12/08/2007
Nice ride, I like the look. Never seen those tail lights before, original, they're nice.

Posted By: jestic
Date: 10/14/2007
my third is coming in january, a girl.!

I think I'm done after her, you never know...

congrats to you and yours.

bless the child as the saying goes.

I think that I'm going for the h22 swap.

I'll hollar back.

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 10/11/2007
Congrats on your boys - God bless them. Get ready tho that's double trouble son! LOL J/K.

Good luck with the Accord Dawg Keep us Posted (Looking Good) >>>Later<<<


Posted By: jestic
Date: 10/07/2007

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 10/03/2007
Ahh the kids! arent they great ? LOL but yeah I understand though, at least you wil be getting a H22a though so iI bow down to that! I want an H22a too but dont have money for it.

Posted By: jmalek85
Date: 09/28/2007
lowell body shop just south of chicago painted it, its just a primer then base coat of black then the paint and you get more change with the more coats you put on

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 09/28/2007
thanks man, where did u get ur hood and how much

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 09/28/2007
hey bro if u want a lip kit i will sell u mine. i got the xenon side skirts that where never used and the back lip. i never put them on because im going to sell my car.

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 09/28/2007
Damn I envy you! for having the H22a but hmmare you doing a tranny swap too into a 5sp manual? nice ride man after the swap real nice!

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 09/21/2007
Nice car dude. what else do u have in ur car and what else u planning on doing to it.