1995 Honda Civic
Owner: Luis Negron (GreenLantern)
Date Added: 06/22/2007
Date Updated: 06/30/2007
Ride Specs



Stock, Matrix Stage 1 short shifter, Tenzo Shoulder Pads.


Black Widow Body Kit, Type X Exahust tilted style, Candy Green Paint.


17" Driftz Rims rapped around with Lo Pro Kumo Tires


Stock For Now...


Kenwood Stereo and some 15" Woofers in a box but took'em out because my amp exploded it was JL Audio that my bro gave me (R.I.P.) they were hitting hard as anything O'well...

Future Mods

Type R K20 motor with a Greddy Turbo, Spoon headers Mugen Valve Cover, and drop it an inch or 2, the interior, stage 3 Tenzo short shifter, and Tenzo seats coming soon the seats i mean lol..... :)

Posted By: george323
Date: 08/17/2007
Hmm thanks bro! hmm well i got mine from a local import tuner shop. Their OEM fog lights, i got them for $40, only it was a bitch to install.

I got the apexi exhaust for $400 =) hell of a deal.

I'm liking ur car, i updated my profile, got some new parts.

Posted By: inferno
Date: 06/26/2007
why would you spend all your money on mugen/spoon parts and then buy tenzo seats and shift knob

Posted By: raddcivic
Date: 06/23/2007
looks good ,love the wing. part of the body kit.i would 2get 1.

Posted By: george323
Date: 06/23/2007
Looks good, love the color and body kit dude.