1996 Honda Accord Teal/Dark Green
Owner: Dominique Davis (GeminiMisses)
Date Added: 06/17/2007
Date Updated: 06/17/2007
Ride Specs

V-Tec V6 197,010 miles


Beige Leather interior


Teal/Forest Green


Alloy Wheels...16 tires


Anti Lock Breaks


CD Player, Tape Player...bumpin sounds! lol

Future Mods

Has sunroof...want to get one of those sun roof sun blockers to put over the roof (u know what i'm talking about?) lol...also want some 18 or 20 inch at least silver rims....GPS system on dash also coming soon

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 07/07/2007
Nice ride I have that sun roof blockers. If I know what your talkign about LOL its a plastic thign that just goeso n top of the roof of the car, and its a dark smoke color . Hmm VTEC with a V6? for this generation engine? pop the hood and take a snap shot of it I wanna see it. also I had those rims before twice for my maroon Accord I had that was totalled and theone I curently drive but I got rid of them Fcuks was so sickof them and I got a set of seven spokes alloy rims that comes form the 94-95 EX Accords I still had 3 sets of them sold one set that was all black, and I have another set that is black for sale as well. Oh and your tires their size 15, because yuor rims or those rims are a size 15. Just leting you know but you can look at the tiresize codes on the side wall of those tires and you will see. Keep it up hope you do new mods to your car soonwhen you can.

oh and yeah the Hondas they can last over 300,000 miles and still go farther Ive seen a 88 Accord that had over 300,000 miles onit and its still running good.

Posted By: hondadude141
Date: 06/18/2007
Pretty clean, you need more pics though, my accord is just a year older. pretty nice, keep it clean!

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 06/17/2007
Looks pretty nice. I'd say stick with 18" wheels. 20" would be pushing it on a Honda. You'd probably be rubbing a lot and you might have to roll your fenders too. 18" wheels should look plenty big on an Accord I would think.