1994 Honda Odyssey Leather
Owner: US Marine (shippa)
Date Added: 09/03/2006
Date Updated: 09/04/2006
Ride Specs



Custom fitted leather seat covers. I changed the door material from cloth to leather also. The Gauge lights were changed from white with blue/green condoms to super bright blue LEDs. I painted the needles orange and used a black light to light them up. It looks good at night. I also did the same for the AC lights.


Mugen Aero Grill
Eyeliners for the lights.
And I'm not to sure who made the lip on my bumper but it came with the one I got from the junkyard (recent accident) Speaking of which the little old japanese guy got the parts (Hood, bumper and Radiator) changed all of that, pulled the front frame and painted it for 45000 yen (about $400). Damn..


235/40/18 front
265/35/18 rear




Kenwood XXV-05 dvd reciever
Kenwood Center Channel Speaker w/Amp
Kenwood XXV-03A amp (2)
Kenwood 12" Subs
Kenwood 10" subs
8" Visor Screens (2)
Kenwood 6.5" screens (2)
14" Flip Down Screen
Kenwood Door Speakers with Tweets. (2 pair)
Kenwood Roof mounted Speakers with lights.

Future Mods

Side Skirts and Rear Bumper.

Posted By: shippa
Date: 03/05/2007
Well I finally got my Sideskirts and Rear Bumper. I picked them up from a local junkyard for $80 bucks. My extension on Island went thru so I'm really going to hook her up. :-) I'm thinking about repainting to black. Tell me what you think. Oh I'malso going to put 4 led lights on each skirt like Clemnets. That ***** looks tight.