1996 Honda Prelude
Owner: Ricky Shepherd (si_lude)
Date Added: 04/03/2006
Date Updated: 04/05/2006
Ride Specs

2.3 dohc, iceman cold air intake, mugen header, spoon sports chip, port and polish head, stage 3 racing clutch, stage 2 axles, skunk2 short throw shifter


gauges and racing tach with shift light


full invader body kit, invader wing, black tails and turn signals, shaved trunk lid and antenna


chrome 18's wrapped in 215/35/r18


1" arospeed lowering springs


alpine 7998 head unit with alpine component set and 200x4 alpine amp for mids and highs

Future Mods

carbon fiber hood and 20's

Posted By: BR lude
Date: 04/17/2006
nice ride like the bodykit and rims!!!

Posted By: phixion
Date: 04/11/2006
Oh yeah, show style and then race style. Hard to do both though. But yeah we're on the same page, just opposite ends. ;) Hey, can't shake a stick at a magazine cover, so props there!

Posted By: phixion
Date: 04/10/2006
It's FAR from stock if you didn't look at the suspension pics. See road racing isn't about having flashy body kit and all sorts of accessories that serve no actual purpose. Fact is I should remove the gear from my mods because I never installed it yet, waiting till I get a Deltacam 272 profile camshaft because it is pointless to have a gear without a cam to go with it, you're right. The engine swap is nowhere though because I don't plan on one nor do I have one mentioned in my mods. Why swap when I have a perfectly good morot for upgrading anyways? Doesn't make sense to me. But it's a few thousand $$$ from stock. A lot of times it's what you can't see from the outside that makes the world of differance. You're a show guy so you should understand and appreciate that for sure. ;)

Posted By: jugodmyko
Date: 04/06/2006
It look hella sick if you but your stock bumbers, side skirt, and rims back on. why dont you just buy a mustang or a lexus or something????

Posted By: si_lude
Date: 04/04/2006
its strictly show now i've already busted 2 trany's...and i will have some pics of the engine bay soon..and hope you guys like the pic ill post of my car on the cover of dropjawmag.com internet mag in september 05

Posted By: nspec
Date: 04/03/2006
looks good. nice work on the body kit.

engine pics?

check out mine too.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 04/03/2006
Holy fast & Furious. Chrome wheels, huge whale wing and crazy body kit. Not digging it... =\ But good effort though. Are you just going for show with it?