1994 Honda Prelude si/r
Owner: Doug Meadows (Doogi)
Date Added: 03/09/2006
Date Updated: 04/02/2009
Ride Specs

bone stock (for now) 2.3 got a cold air intake, need to get the timing redone


blue took the seatcovers off per a few negitive comments thanks guys after last summer i am now back to where i was my poor car was busted into last summer not once but twice within a month
so now im back to tryin to get my baby done
so both front door glass and the drivers side door later and then having the glass retinted


sebring silver (again bone stock) got the clear euro corner lights and carbonfiber tail lights
and got my vanity plates
i have gotten my fiberglass fenders X1s cant wait to get them on the car


stock alloy gone
I got my wheels !!!!!!
they are poison spinout in blue 17x7 they are hot
was real nice today in ohio so i did a dry test fit on my new 17s i think they look sick....evil wicked....kewl never looked so good huh? ...stiletto by blue streak all on and lookin sporty....gawd i love my wheel and tire choice


stock thinkin i need to seriously upgrade both now
any input on struts springs and brakes? i got the brakes now to get them on the car prolly next week


changed my head unit to my alpine , added my xm.....got my new speakers 6.5" pioneer speakers now pioneer 765 watt amp. 12 " pioneer dual voice sub. well here is most of my problem from last year
all gone is what i had except for my head unit..although they took the faceplate and distroyed my dash.....well its now a garage car and all new so i need to hook my amp up but everything else is back

Future Mods

what i want is a full body kit,carbon hood,lambo doors custom paint silver and saphire blue
soon i will get to detroit to do my alarm
maybe ill have the one that rolls the windows up/down it will be kewl tho
i talked briefly to a gent from a local bodyshop and am in the process of saving up for my paint job

Posted By: chris42192
Date: 08/12/2008
Nice car man it has alot of potential, need new pics!

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 12/22/2006
Clean, but loose the seat covers. At least don't take pictures of them LOL. Overall very nice. Keep it up.

Posted By: MacBen
Date: 09/13/2006
Your seat covers are the lamest thing ive ever seen. But the rims you want are right up there.

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 07/08/2006
Hey there, I saw you talking about Detroit, are u from Michigan? I'm in Oakland county north of Detroit, up towards Lapeer?

Posted By: BR lude
Date: 04/17/2006
thanks for the comments

i searched a lot for those wheels they were 5x100 i had to change the settings for 4x114.3 hehe

my car was just like yours.do you know if these sticks came standard??

these *****ing mecanics i have a lt of problems here in Br too hehe

liked your ride but i want to see later with those lambo doors and new colour.

Posted By: Doogi
Date: 04/09/2006
well i got it back (what a mess)

didnt screw up my valves/pistons

but the freakin idiot didnt replace the water pump

so now i have to get it back in and re replace the whole thing

oh well i got my baby back


later all

Posted By: H22dohcVTEC
Date: 03/11/2006