1996 Honda Civic
Owner: tommy (ekbeast)
Date Added: 02/03/2006
Date Updated: 02/16/2006
Ride Specs

H22A, Hasport Mounts, Hasport Axels, Exedy Clutch, Clutcg Masters Presure plate, Aluminum Fly Wheel, Polished Crank, Crower Rods, JE Pistons, Darton 90mm Slevees, AEM Cam Gears, 78mm Throtle Bodie, Fully Ported Intake, Port Matched Head, 880cc Injecters, Ported Fuel Rail, T3/T4 Turbonetics Turbo, Greddy Kit, Apexi VAFC 2, Fully Programed ECU, High Flow Cat, Cat Back Exhaust, XS Intercooler, Ajustible Fuel Presure Regulator, Custom 2 1/2" Down Pipe


Graint Steering Wheel, Gauges


Carbon Fiber Hood, Carbon Fiber Lip, Carbon Fiber Grill, Carbon Fiber Eye Lids, Black CTR Head Lights, Carbon Fiber Mirrors, Carbon Fiber Wing


JDM Si Wheels, Kuhmo ASX


Tein SS, Brembo Rotors F/R, GSR Rear Disc Conv, Stainless Braided Wires, 5/8" Cross Drilled, Front upper strut bar, Si Calipers.


Alpine Head Deck, Polk 6 1/2 2-ways, Polk 6 1/2 Components

Future Mods

black w/ blue and purple small flake, jdm ek9 ctr front end conversion, jdm ctr rear lip, jdm ctr side skirts, ctr molding, carbon fiber hatch, jdm folding side mirrors, finish head work, rota slip streams, roll cage, and so much more......

Posted By: Havoc
Date: 06/01/2009
Thats pretty sick. Im working towards a turbo for my H22a in my 96 civic lol, but im still researching. any tips? Have any troubles getting it to fit?

Posted By: Dominican civic
Date: 02/14/2006
looks like your goin in the right direction get some better pics nice ride keep it up

Posted By: CivicDuty
Date: 02/10/2006
tats a sick trottle body, turbo looks smokin too, nice job

Posted By: ekbeast
Date: 02/09/2006
theres more pics, ill have better ones of the car when the paint is finished.

Posted By: Bling_Bling
Date: 02/05/2006
Man that would put out some power.

Posted By: hatch96y7
Date: 02/05/2006
nice swap lokking good

Posted By: BlenDeR
Date: 02/04/2006
Krazy setup. How's traction? ;) Need better pix, post em up y0! I like it.

Posted By: dragyn00
Date: 02/04/2006
wow....like what you have done...keep up good work...

Posted By: civicspeed888
Date: 02/03/2006
Very very nice ride man, nice engine work, wish i had all that done to mine, keep it goen

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 02/03/2006
Nice swap :D

Get more pics of the car tho...