2000 Honda Prelude SH
Owner: Ricky Shim (bb6)
Date Added: 01/27/2006
Date Updated: 08/21/2007
Ride Specs

pretty much stock
(got big plans for it thats why)

valve cover - YELLOW *spoon*
intake - Short
resivior covers - spoon
caps - Spoon
wires - NGK blue
Jackson Racing Super Charger
Apexi N1 *swapping to HKS Hi-Flow Power*


dash - DIY fibreglass dash in white n black
seats(front) - Red 00' ITR seats (hard to find)
addition driver seat - Bride Zeta 2
seats(rear) - 99' Base JDM RED
headliner - DIY suede
door panel - *DIY white with white fabric REMOVED* Back2OEM
gauges - JDM Type S
ashtray - JDM rear ash tray
retrofitted s2000 button
2nd bin - Accord Pocket w/vafc1
shift boot - JDM DC2
ebrake boot - Custom red stitched
climate control - JDM BB6
cup holder - JDM BB6
neck rest - Recaro
matts - Tekniq sprint


custom 2tone white n black roof
hood - GEMINI oem carbon fiber "V-Weeve"
trunk - GEMINI oem carbon fiber "V-Weeve"
kit - OEM lip kit (mugen front with custom cf covers n diffuser)
spoiler - carbon fibre roof
Authentic Mugen Spoiler W/LED
OEM spoiler (SOLD)
Carbon Fibre Top Secret Supra Wing
vynle - custom Astro Boy
sidemarker - JDM S2000
clear bumper(SOLD)
amber bumper
Fogs - JDM BB6
plate - JDM
Turn signals - *front* Clear
*rear* Clear (RED BULB)
Eyelids - Fibrelgass
Mirrors - Custom mounted CarbonCreation CF Aero Mirrors
Decals - Custom AstroBoy, AJRacing Pig (soon to come)


17" grams light c5 wrapped in kuhmo
17" white volks racing te37 wrapped in dunlop
16" rotas wrapped in potenza(SOLD)
16" 02 RSX-S Gunmetal (SOLD)
16" 01 S2000 5spoke(SOLD)
15" 98 Integra Type R(SOLD)
16" custom gunmetal SH rims wrapped with potenza(SOLD)


suspension - front upper spoon bar, neuspeed race springs (upgrading soon)

brakes - hps hawk pads with slotted n drilled rotors


-alpine cva1004(STOLEN)
-alpine kca420i (ipod adapter) (STOLEN)
-ipod 40gigs and nano (color mon) 4gig (STOLEN)
-ps2 slim (dvd player/games) (STOLEN)
-stock speakers(Trashed it)
-1 MA audio 1700? watt amp (SOLD)
-2 10" MA audio subs(SOLD)
-2 10" Macrom subs
-1 Macrom 2 Channel amp
-1 Macrom 4 Channel amp
-6x9" Macrom rear components
-6.5" Macrom front compnents with tweeter
-Apexi VAFC1
-Apexi AVC-R
-Blitz Boost Gauge

Future Mods


Posted By: pata 078
Date: 08/24/2007
E K ??????

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 08/21/2007
I think they look Really cute next to your car. Your Prelude looks nice too =) >>>Later<<<

Posted By: theaznone
Date: 07/06/2007
eww! that s2000 button looks nice! working correct? let me know the sets involved for getting that push button start, that's awesome. let me know what other mods are going in aka the "big plans"

Posted By: nspec
Date: 06/28/2007
hey man. any updates??? still have the lude???

Posted By: elmasqueronka07
Date: 10/02/2006
I'm lovin the girls oh and the cars alright I guess. lmao j/k very nice lude. The rims really set it off. later

Posted By: 6ave
Date: 09/15/2006
wow great looking prelude loves the cf hood.

Posted By: slammedex
Date: 06/18/2006
I like your set up, i'm working on the same car and will hopefully have some pics of it soon, let me know how the motor plans turn out for you.

Posted By: LudeF22a1
Date: 03/15/2006
Definitely feelin the color scheme...... 10 out of 10 on my scale

Posted By: GENESIS
Date: 03/04/2006
2 thumps up nice ride. i like ur carbon trunk and hood..

Posted By: hondasportCRX
Date: 02/20/2006
RRRR, what a car!!!! it dont have to change, it's a crazy ride!!! ;-)

Posted By: VImassive
Date: 02/07/2006
Nice Lude Man, I'm loving it

Posted By: biggie-g
Date: 02/06/2006
not a big fan of the rims.. but everything else is tight.. so everyone is waiting to find out if you r a dude or if ur the girl in pic.. what's up.....

Posted By: nspec
Date: 02/02/2006
Ricky, r u a dude or that chick in the pic.

Posted By: bnasty
Date: 02/01/2006
Normally i don't like this generation of Prelude, but this one... WHOOOOW!!!!!

Posted By: SagaBoy/LX
Date: 02/01/2006
Nice. papa she looking crisp!

Posted By: spanish32
Date: 02/01/2006
the only white ones I like is the Pearl white other than that their alritght? but your look pretty good

Posted By: rock
Date: 02/01/2006
real nice man............ love the interior, come check me out..........

Posted By: BlenDeR
Date: 01/31/2006
It looks good, I love the GramLites and the diffuser. I like it a lot, except the eyebrows look weird to me. Keep up the good work.

Posted By: 250_LuDe_BoI
Date: 01/29/2006
very nice ricky


Posted By: inferno
Date: 01/29/2006
d@mn i love white ludes

Posted By: nspec
Date: 01/29/2006
HOT HOT Chicks too. lol

Posted By: spanish32
Date: 01/29/2006
nice lude man I never liked them in white but yours look good!

Posted By: Bling_Bling
Date: 01/27/2006
Great looking car keep up the good work.

Posted By: Dominican civic
Date: 01/27/2006
nice i love preludes special y from that year

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 01/27/2006
man....it looks so nice on the outside, but I'm not feelin the interior....Late.