2000 Honda Prelude
Owner: aqeel khan (ak_quad)
Date Added: 09/15/2005
Date Updated: 09/16/2005
Ride Specs





front grille, FOUR BIG EXHAUSTS!! fog lamps, xenon bulbs.


17" tws platinum alloys with kumho tyres wrapped around it.




alpine motorised filp out screen, 1100w gto amp, 2x 600w kenwood subs, ps2, 7" headrest screen mounted on roof, jbl tweeters.

Future Mods

velside bodykit, evo spoiler, k & n air filter dump valves and leathers, all bought ready to be put on.

Posted By: Team_Invazn
Date: 12/20/2005
haha loose the exhaust man...you're makin the h22 look bad!

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 09/23/2005
You still haven't answered my question, are those 2 mufflers with giant dual tips or are do you actually have 4 mufflers on this thing?

Either way...yes, it is retarded, those tips are way too big, they don't even look good, and I guarantee you, the only thing an exhaust setup like that will help you with is noise, it's not making your car any faster...the best exhaust for an inline 4-cylinder is a single straight pipe to a straight-through muffler...judging from the looks of your setup, I would guess that the piping back from wherever it splits is probably too large, because those look like the type of mufflers you should be using on a single-muffler application, the inlet is probably 2.25 or 2.5 inches I'm guessing? If so, then you're probably not gaining any power, in fact you may be losing some...

And I really don't give a crap what you think about my car...I said right on my page that I'm not going to modify it any further because it's a piece of junk and I'm going to sell it, so say whatever you want, it won't hurt my feelings any...

And judging from the rest of the comments on your page, I'm not the only one that thinks your exhaust is ugly and poinless...so that being the case, then wouldn't you say that perhaps my criticism might have some merit?

Posted By: phixion
Date: 09/22/2005
Are you kidding me about the exhaust? Dual exhaust is overkill on a Honda, 4 is just plain dumb, esp. if you did it just for looks and/or sound. It seriously looks rediculous as well as takes away power from your car guaranteed!! Remember, it's a 4-cyl, not a V8... =\

Anyways good luck with the car.

Posted By: prelude92S
Date: 09/18/2005
I like preludes but double duel exhaust doesnt work on hondas, and your pics are really blurry... try a better camera

Posted By: MidnightCivic
Date: 09/17/2005
Nice Car..Not Feeling Da Exhaust looks like you car is about to take off to da moon..

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 09/16/2005
Are those actually four mufflers? Or are they just two mufflers with giant dual tips? I don't even like to see dual exhausts on Hondas, but if you actually put FOUR mufflers on there, that's just retarded, and I guarantee you they're not making your car any faster...