1989 Honda Prelude 2.0 Si
Owner: chris causey (causey_chris)
Date Added: 08/17/2005
Date Updated: 10/11/2005
Ride Specs

rebuilt motor




full kit/Z3 fenders/ villian spoiler


konig 15inch


coiler overs / painted brakes


2/12inch DUB audiobahn subs/ 1600 watt amp

Future Mods

lambo doors/ re fit body kit paint job/new rims/ full custom interior/ h22type.S/ turbo

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 04/26/2007
You need 17" wheels to match the kit. Nice overall. CLEAN!!

Posted By: Chris Styles
Date: 03/17/2006
Pretty clean... Just lose the wing and body kit... Much props on all the hard work...

-Chris STyles

Posted By: zelseman
Date: 01/26/2006
ur car is a discrace to 3rd generation preludes. IMO lose the wing, spaceship kit. Drop all the money u get off of those into a DIY intake setup, catback exhaust, and some chickara headers, other than that ur off to a great start

Posted By: Red89LudeSi
Date: 10/15/2005
loose the wing

Posted By: prelude92S
Date: 08/21/2005
i dont like the older body style of preludes... but if i had one i would want it to look something like that! keep up the good work!!

Posted By: Bling_Bling
Date: 08/18/2005
Looks quite nice for a old school honda. What do you want to do next, engine swap.

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 08/18/2005
Ahh hey man its looking good althoi do agree with painting the door moldings or shave em off and the middle piece of the tail hmm yeah paint that white just to give it a whoa different look and id like to add one more thing paint the mirrors white? might look better? well its up to u tho just opinions and sejustions but its looking good and clean engine. peep mine when u can if u get a chance it snot much but im trying later

Posted By: phixion
Date: 08/18/2005
I'd have to say it looked much better before the body kit, Ebay fenders and hidious wing. Sounds like you're going for a show style with it, so good luck on that.

Posted By: Bomex99Si
Date: 08/17/2005
Ahhh and paint the side moldings white 2!!!!

Posted By: Bomex99Si
Date: 08/17/2005
Looks nice, I like the front bumper. I would get some gunmetal, black or gold 17" rims, with polish lip, it would look a lot better. And it would look better if u paint the middle of the tail lights white. Overall nice, keep it up!!! Check my Si when u get a chance!!!