1992 Honda Prelude
Owner: susan bogle (importstyln)
Date Added: 07/22/2005
Date Updated: 07/27/2005
Ride Specs

cold air intake


2 10"Kenwood Subs, Rockford Fosgate amp, Alpine deck


Invader bodykit,Z3 Fenders,APR wing,exhuast,altezza tail lights,clear bumper markers


18" Alba Battles,Toyo tires


2" dropped w/ coilovers


door poppers, planned on shaving the door handles but this shitty ass place called cartoys in tulsa installed them and sometimes they will pop and sometimes they wont it sux.. i guess my doors are too heavy

Future Mods

hot pink paint w/ airbrushing

Posted By: fait
Date: 09/22/2005
Too Much chrome!

Posted By: Bling_Bling
Date: 09/14/2005
Looks alright, not like the wheels.

Posted By: spanish32
Date: 08/15/2005
what the F*#% wheres the hot chik i havent been on the site in a while and i was expecting to see true beauty oh! yeh the car lookin good too

Posted By: prelude92S
Date: 08/03/2005
Very nice lude... just got to lose those rims... those are horrible =\ but the wing looks very good on there

Posted By: Nate
Date: 07/27/2005
i know this chick , and yup thats HER lude...

Posted By: GENESIS
Date: 07/25/2005
whoa!!!!!!!! alot of dissin on this profile .. give her some time so she can prove its her car.. about lowering the car 2 inch with kit> i have to disagree wit JayKnight98Lude i could be wrong, but i have had 92 prelude and its dropped 2 inch with a predator kit and 18" and yeah it is pretty low but not that low that i would scrape on the ground , but i did have some camber issues... gotta change the tyre every 6 months...thesame issues im havin wit my current 98 prelude.... (damn didnt even get to see the pic of this girl) .. .. anyways keep it up.. inform me when ur future mods is done i would like to see that..

Posted By: phixion
Date: 07/24/2005
Nice Myspace pics (yeah I'm on there too). Anyways, I'll have to call BS on JayKnight, as a good friend of mine recently got a '95 Prelude Si, and dumped it on a set of Tein SS's adjusted with the perches as far down as they will go, that's about "2 roughly and he has NO significant camber increase, yes it increased to the negative side slightly but it's almost not noticeable, granted he is on "17's rather than "16's bust yeah, no more camber than my Civic has which is virtually not that much. Not fond of the huge wing or the heavy bling bling chrome wheels, they have too much face to them. =\ other than that the car is a good start, I'd like to see more pics of it though, like the rear and more sides. Well keep up the good work and good luck!

Posted By: biGnEl Si
Date: 07/24/2005
lmfao @ jayknight

Posted By: [FIN]smo
Date: 07/24/2005
nice one girl

Posted By: Lowredcord
Date: 07/24/2005
Those rims really dont belong on the car, you should get different ones.The kit needs mesh, I dont see any in the pics. and the ricer wing is horrible. and you should get rid of the pics of that girl cuz thats not you. other than that it could be a Good show car.

Posted By: ballaxbaybee1
Date: 07/23/2005

Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 07/23/2005
Not really feel the rims. bumper....

Posted By: dragyn00
Date: 07/23/2005
what happened to your honda yo?????? nice rack though...peace

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 07/23/2005
Ahhh another tuner chick .... what can i say? sure ur cute, hot, sexy, yeah whoo la la but the car, good car i want ur engine cuz ya got the H22As but i do agree with others about the chrome rims it just doesnt look or fit with the tuner but on fancy lexury cars. but its ur ride u do what makes ya happy. thats all that matters right ? altho could u post some more pics of ur car and idont think those pics of u will last much long in there cuz whoever that is incharge of the HSO they will take ur pix off so post a pic with u n the car a clear pic ,if u can well good goin and keep it up laters Susan

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 07/22/2005
I've always liked the ludes. Lets see some more pix of the car though.

Posted By: spanish32
Date: 07/22/2005
you have to get rid of those rims get some tunners those just make your car look nasty, but your hot

Posted By: modifydaccord
Date: 07/22/2005
cars lookin almost as good as u! shave it,bag it, and get that piant done and ohhhhhh man..SEXYYY

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 07/22/2005
Why was this profile even allowed? It breaks the rules that were layed out, namely no pictures of yourself unless your car is included in the shot! And yeah, you look good girl, but your car has the freakin ugliest wheels that I've ever seen...

Posted By: boricuaL3
Date: 07/22/2005
Love your ride, Not everyday i see a hot girl with a hott ride ;) looks good. The only thing i wouldnt have done is put those chrome wheels on....too much bling for me, ecspecially on an import. good luck with your future mods, can't wait to see how that turns out..Peace

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 07/22/2005
I don't care if your hot, your car is so effin gawdy....

Posted By: biGnEl Si
Date: 07/22/2005
daaagggggg... u look good baby, oh yeah ur car too