2004 Acura TL A-Spec & MDX
Date Added: 07/06/2005
Date Updated: 05/25/2007
Ride Specs

AEM Cold Air Intake
(+19.6 hps & +17.1 ft. lbs Torq. @5800 rpm)
3.2 V6 VTEC SOHC 5 sp. A/T w/ Sportshift
Port Fuel injection
Power (SAE net) 270 bhp @ 6200 rpm (258*whp)
Torque (SAE net) 238 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm
Redline 6800 rpm
0 - 60: 6.3 sec. (MotorTrend)
1/4 Mile:14.78 sec @ 94.90 mph (Motortrend)
0-100: 17.3 sec (Motortrend)
Drive-by-wire throttle system


Leather Seats (Ebony)
Carbon fiber and metal trim around doors, center console and dash board
Bluetooth HandsFree Link (HFL) phone system integrated with audio system


Acura A-Spec Bodykit
A-Spec Badge
Acura Deck Lid spoiler
Acura Window Deflectors


Privat Netz Rims 19x8.5 Black w/ Mirror Finish Lip
Kumho Ecsta Tires: 245/35/19 ZR


Tein Suspension


Acura / ELS 5.1 Dolby Prologic II - DVD 8 speaker Surround Sound System
Anti-theft Audio System
XM Satellite Radio

Future Mods

Comptech Super Charger (?)
ECU Upgrade
Window Tint (again)
Comptech Rear Sway Bar

Posted By: CVtecG2
Date: 02/17/2009
Yo first off clean TL, lovin the black on black, anyways couple of questions, I got a TL-S I just picked up, I just want to know what Kind of Tein Suspension you went with was it the Luxury tech or the Sport Tech... I'm getting 19's also and want it slightly lower then what you have so I'm trying to find out what Set-up of Teins you went with....keep up the good work though, much props so far, good future plans also

Posted By: tino
Date: 06/11/2008
nice TL,i like how you did that black on black!!

Posted By: TecDoctor89
Date: 04/27/2008
the TL would rape that G35, btw this is HONDAshowoff.com, for honda & acura, why does he still have a profile????

Posted By: TecDoctor89
Date: 04/05/2008
a TL is like my fav acura, and yours is simply awesome. is it as quick as i think it is? My neighbor has a stock TL and its a beast

Posted By: djpensive
Date: 03/07/2008
dude lovvin the rims they go perfectly with the whip!

Posted By: ContempLuxSpeed
Date: 01/13/2008
anything new with the ride? any plans?

Posted By: afwjan
Date: 11/14/2007
Nice Set up! Looks good!!!

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 08/13/2007
wheres the track at homey?

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 03/03/2007
that detailing in a bottle looks sweet on my ride. good stuff.

Posted By: nspec
Date: 02/16/2007
nice man. and d@m it puts out a lot of wheel horse power.

Posted By: RDX_TURBO
Date: 01/20/2007
Clean ***** dog now you should see mine

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 12/22/2006
looks old school, kinda like its driver.

Posted By: laosphanthip
Date: 11/05/2006
nice car man

Posted By: 1 clean cb7
Date: 10/07/2006
Very nice

Date: 09/28/2006
dogg that is a bad @ss car i give you your props.

Posted By: sleeper4ever
Date: 09/26/2006
thats is one sick TL


Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 08/29/2006
my car is a dohc engine. 3.5>3.2 sohc

Posted By: Marcus_Hogan81
Date: 08/06/2006
Infiniti VS Acura.......F**K it the G35 is hot but is a sports coupe. The TL is a work of art weighing a Significant amount more and still haulin a$$. Being bias to four doors the TL gets my vote. Just waitin till the price drops to the low 20s and that thing is mine! Six speed of course.

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 07/06/2006
motortrend: 0-60 in 6.2 with auto tranny. im not making it up. in the mags you have to c if theyre talking about a manual or auto car since both of ours are autos. ill prob be getting my nismo or stillen cold air intake soon for more tl crushing hps...

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 06/29/2006
http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/sedan/112_0405_sport_sedan_comparison/index.html coming for the number one spot!

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 06/29/2006
http://www.caranddriver.com/article.asp?section_id=15&article_id=7785&page_number=1 im coming for that number one spot. sorry dude the stats speak for themselves

Posted By: CivicDuty
Date: 04/16/2006
hey man, car is looking nice, do you have the Bose system or does this year not come with it.

Posted By: nspec
Date: 03/21/2006
I said sun damage because i saw the comment u left for another guy about his bumper being faded. Wax should keep the whole body in excellent condition. A few years ago we had an 89 Toyota Cressida, the paint job looked like it was an year old because of the wax that the owner use to put on it.

Posted By: nspec
Date: 03/21/2006
hey man. I think u should get rid of the bra. If you just polish and wax ur car like once every two months, you would not have to worry about any sun damage. My car has never been garaged and has always stayed out in the houston sun. The first owner took good care of it and thats why the paint is still in good condition. But thats just IMO. Keep it if u like it like that.

Posted By: taisopr32
Date: 03/08/2006
the bra is gone? you're talking about sweet 19" rims... NOW you're getting dangerous my friend. This could be a real threat. Keep it up!

Posted By: cbrosz
Date: 03/08/2006
love the car

Posted By: Got2GruV
Date: 03/04/2006
thanks for the comments bro. . . . yeah my lxi looks beat. . . . but check my other rides (esi/hatch)! lemme know watcha think! will wait for ur new pix. . .


Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 03/03/2006
redline hit the nail right on the head. "bros" and visors are for tools. "bros" prob get moisture under them and ruin the paint also. you should race redline since you were saying you wanted to do a d15b7 1.5L engine swap. have fun treading lightly in the 19s.

Posted By: Got2GruV
Date: 03/03/2006
gorgeous! but the mud flaps got to go!


Posted By: nspec
Date: 03/03/2006
awesome car man. lol, you must love leaving ur trunk open!

Posted By: Redline96LX
Date: 02/24/2006
yo sexy car, but remember...bras are for tits, not cars. years down the road, your gonna have a tan line on the car's nose.

Nice rims, car looks cool, but ditch those rediculous 80's style window visors. I had no idea they still made those.

Posted By: CivicDuty
Date: 01/08/2006
I love these cars, my dad got an '02, which i recently posted, and it redlines like nothing else, Honda IS The BEST.

Posted By: step2me
Date: 12/22/2005
looks tight. not feeling the front bra tho. check me out. later

Posted By: hotrod90019
Date: 11/05/2005
D@mn!! This is a HOT ride. Luv everything about it. Outstanding, keep it up!

Posted By: AntiStock
Date: 10/24/2005
Thanks for looking at my ITR. Those rims look great on your TL - really go with the car well. Not a fan of the bra, but I understand you have to keep the paint fresh :)

Posted By: taisopr32
Date: 10/11/2005
thanks for the comment on my RSX. I think you'll be happy with the P-Zeros. Don't listen to any haters on here man, they're just jealous of the TL.

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 10/10/2005
the pirellis are gonna be sweeeet dude!

Posted By: taisopr32
Date: 09/30/2005
i love the TL. The wheels look good. I don't like the tires, I have to stick by Yokohama, Toyo, or some Michelin Pilot Sport Cup. Anyways, I think the car looks sick and you can't go wrong if you keep it clean.

Posted By: horrse
Date: 09/22/2005
holy crap look at that engine cover.. makes the engine stand out. I think a bunch of polished, chrome, and carbon fiber or kevlar would make that look so sweet, and whats up with driving with your trunk popped?

Posted By: DJ Hizzle
Date: 09/13/2005
damn thats nice

Posted By: Dominican civic
Date: 09/12/2005
Nice ama buy the same car when i get ma money

Posted By: horrse
Date: 08/25/2005
damn I so love that car.. I want one so bad.. oh not sure but I've heard bad stuff about Nankang tires, like poppin around corners anyone second this??.. just a heads up cause thats a nice ride...

Posted By: phixion
Date: 08/23/2005
The Teins I have ride nice. They deliver when I need them to on the track when road racing and auto-X'ing, and can soften up to an almost touring car type ride on the streets and freeways. Because of the racing I do with my car, I upgraded the springs all around to 2kg stiffer than what normally comes with them. Ride quality isn't too much stiffer in feel, but the differance is definitely noticable on the track with faster times, and MUCH less body roll. I've had my Teins 3 years now and by far the best investment I feel I've made with my car, not a single complaint with them. Thanks for checking out my ride as well!!

Posted By: phixion
Date: 08/19/2005
Awesome TL you have, I love them. I like you you've done with it so far, only changing out all that really needs to be with one, the wheels and suspension and what a fine choice you picked for both. I haven't seen the A-Spec kit for the TL, but I know the ones for the RSX and TSX, so I'd imagine it's similar for the TL and will look way sweet once you get it. Classy with the nose bra too. Keep up the great work on this great car!!

Posted By: boostedgsr
Date: 08/19/2005
liking the ride... need to lose the front bra though IMO, but other than that real clean and a good start just keep it going.

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 08/12/2005
oh yeah i love your old school BRO, looks great, really

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 08/12/2005
well the rusty look is because i had my headers professionaly installed by tards. they said the dull black it came in was boring and that shiny low temp eng paint paint would be better.

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 07/22/2005
boo urns to the pic you provided....