1994 Honda Prelude SI
Owner: Eddie Cook (Eddiec)
Date Added: 03/24/2005
Date Updated: 09/12/2006
Ride Specs

AEM cold air intake, DC Sport 4-2-1 Header, Apexi N1 cat-back exhaust, Crank Case Filter Mod, Forbidden short throw shifter




3 back (limo) and both front windows (35%) tinted, and clear lights


17" BSA black rims w/polished aluminum rim.


Eibach Pro Kit Spings and struts


Eclipse deck, Fosgate speakers in front and rear, MTX tunder 500 amp, 2 12" MTX 5500 series subwoofers, Audiobahn 300W amp, Karr security system.

Future Mods

rotors and calipers
stage 2 clutch
Lightweight Flywheel
and more

Posted By: aznpnoyracer
Date: 06/03/2006
nice ride dude!what color do you think I should do to my valve covers, red like the type R or blue like the H23?I know its my Ride but I dont want to get bad comments about it in the future.and if you can pls. respond asap because I'm gonna start on the project next week and I want to know what people think is the appropiate color.

Posted By: Eddiec
Date: 06/03/2006
This is my new car i had a 93 civic so ignore the old comments

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 04/06/2006
Nice clean 4-door, but I'd clean the engine more and try to compare it with that nice cold air system you got there!!!! oh yea, and I'd lower it a little too. sounds like your sound system bumps. just keep it clean Dawg,, That's all that matters. >>>Later<<<

Posted By: RICEFED
Date: 09/10/2005
i know its expensive to do, but i have a friend that "had" an LX 4door that had a B18C5 (type R) motor in it with jus wheels and suspension.....we use to have SOOOOO much fun calling people out at the track (mustangs, z, vette etc) 4door lx type R......they would ask what are you running? oh it's a 4door civic. they would laugh all the way up to the staging lane till we would do a quick burn out to clean the tires. then the smurk on their face changed to shock.....priceless. it'll make a great conversation peice. trust me it'll be money well spent to own a 4door sleeper.....my 2cents!

Posted By: lude_speed91
Date: 05/21/2005
sweet dude i 16 2 just actualy turned last mounth nice ass paint job makes the car look so cool and clean, btw i like your boom boom u got there peep my lude out


Posted By: boricuaL3
Date: 05/08/2005
Hey man, nice ride. Keep it up
I myself have a 4dr LX check it out!

Posted By: rocket_o_rice
Date: 05/03/2005
your off to a good start bro. ive been there a time or 2 myself. keep up the work dude and some led tails would look so nice. lol peace out bro

Posted By: albooogie
Date: 04/23/2005
nice whip man cool ride..

Posted By: Civic Ferio
Date: 03/25/2005
Nice car bro'! I like the color but you definatly need some lowering

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 03/25/2005
NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO why did you get Altezzas.Man sell those on E-bay and just smoke em out or somthing,anything other than those.I would say drop it next though

Posted By: 93Civic4dr
Date: 03/25/2005
Not a bad start. I feel you on buying stuff all buy yourself to modify your car! I just turned 17. Haha. Anyway i like the paint. Check mine out when you get a chance. Honda Pride dude peace

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 03/25/2005
Not a bad start,....late.

Posted By: 1sickcivic
Date: 03/25/2005
nice ride champ very clean LX, keep up the good work

Posted By: phixion
Date: 03/24/2005
Sounds like you've got an auto parts store headed for your doorstep, lol! Good work so far though. Any plans for suspension upgrades?