1998 Honda Prelude
Owner: Sherry G (DatArizonaGirl)
Date Added: 03/03/2005
Date Updated: 02/18/2006
Ride Specs







17" Koenig Appeals
215/40/17 Falken Azenis


Skunk2 Springs


Pioneer Deck

More to come...

Future Mods

Intake, Exhaust, probably a Mugen body kit, darker tinted windows, carbon fiber hood & dash kit....
I want to keep it clean.

Posted By: civicspeed888
Date: 06/16/2006
Know anybody selling a 98-01 lude with an h22a, manual OR automatic..even tho i'd rather have a Manual. im lookin for a cheapy, around $3,000-$4,500. if you find anything out, hit me up, or anybody else, hit me up if you know or find 1. thanks!!

Posted By: bkayfes
Date: 05/24/2006
i agree with spanish32, id go with a lip kit instead of a body kit. love the car already as it is. looks good. check out my si when you get a chance.

Posted By: rock
Date: 02/21/2006
thanks for the comment. take care girl

Posted By: horrse
Date: 01/01/2006
I would get a Greddy lip and a CF hood and maybe blackhousing headlights or JDM?

Posted By: rock
Date: 11/14/2005
nice lude gir check mine out when you have some time

Posted By: spanish32
Date: 07/21/2005
beautiful machine she looks like mine, id go lips instead of the bodykit but off to a great start

Posted By: lude_speed91
Date: 04/08/2005
nice nice lude thos rims look dope do some more small engie modes and it will be sick sweet ride


Posted By: 1sickcivic
Date: 03/05/2005
very nice, love that model prelude future mods are looking good, keepin it clean is good well done.

Posted By: jezekracing
Date: 03/03/2005
Pretty clean...nice start. Late.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 03/03/2005
Pretty good start so far! Keep up the good work. :)

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 03/03/2005
Thats gonna be nice,i like that year .Your future mods sound good,Why not a carbon fiber trunk.