1996 Honda Civic Coupe LSi
Owner: chris (Skynet!7_99)
Date Added: 01/07/2005
Date Updated: 03/16/2006
Ride Specs

1.6 Litre SOCH (D16Y7) With A Full CAT-Back Stainless Steel
Custom Built PowerFlow Exhaust System. Soundz Sweet.
BOSCH Super 4 Spark Plugs


Greddy Harness Pads


Standard Except Brand New Rear SI Spoiler
Imported from canada.


Lenso Zeon Hyperblack 17 Inch
With Nankang 205 40 R17 tyres


EBC Slotted And Grooved Disks EBC
GreenStuff FastRoad Pads


Sony Head Unit CDX M-730
1x Alpine MRD-500 Amp
1x Alipne Type R 12 Inch Sub

Future Mods

Civic Si Rear Lights
Red Ignition Leads.
Mugen Front Lip
Under Car Neons

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 03/16/2006
What Neon color are you getting... Becarefull with them, Don't break them. I bought a set and it broke pulling in Driveways and Bumps. Replaced a couple of them BUT they kept on Breaking, So I pullied them out. Your looking clean Dawg >>>Later<<<

Posted By: gwailo
Date: 02/13/2006
No probs, just ask them, to make sure that they do those lights for your model coupe. C ya.

Posted By: gwailo
Date: 02/10/2006
Hi there, check this link on the obx website, they might be the rear lights your looking for http://www.obxracingsports.com/lights.cfm?catid=2&subCatID=2&subCat2ID=7 Later

Posted By: hatch96y7
Date: 02/09/2006
the headlights that i have are brighter then the original headlamps

they work alot better then my stock ones

Posted By: hatch96y7
Date: 02/07/2006
hows that r12 is it pushing good with just that amp or does it need more power what is the code number on that one it looks a little diffrent from mine my code is 1224w i think how much did they run u

Posted By: KpoweredeK
Date: 01/22/2006
looks good man, RHD is bad@ss, mad propz. you should try to get your hands on a Type R or Si cluster is going to give you a meaner look. By the way thanks for the comment.

Posted By: gwailo
Date: 01/09/2006
The rear clusters are OEM for the 98-00 civic coupe's. But as most things nowdays you can probably get them on e-bay, but you'll have to look hard.

Posted By: gwailo
Date: 01/09/2006
I live up in the north east of england, just outside of newcastle, and your self?

Posted By: gwailo
Date: 01/03/2006
Nice wheels, once its lowered it'll look nice.

124mph in 4th gear (On the test track of course : ) ) Respect to those D16Y7.

Posted By: Chris Styles
Date: 12/23/2005
sick ride... just slam it and youll be set... Im personally not into the fast and the furious scene w/ all the underglow... But its ur car... much props... like the platform...

Posted By: civicspeed888
Date: 12/20/2005
Hmph...we have the same engines, arn't they sloww :(

And I don't think it is a 1.6..

Posted By: Got2GruV
Date: 12/14/2005
like the color! keep it simple and clean! peace out!

Posted By: Jason C
Date: 11/04/2005
Get the Honda SIR lip for your coupe. If you do not want to lower it too much, Eibach lowered springs with your stock absorbers will make it drop onnly 40mm. Your ride lower will definately make it look 'dope'

Posted By: Jason C
Date: 10/21/2005
I've got the rocker cover from the JAE event, pretty decent price and makes it look a bit better in the engine bay. The manifold does give the car better acceleration, especially downshifting to overtake slower cars ..hehe..

What's your next plan?? Get it lowered and a sir lip, quick...

Posted By: Jason C
Date: 10/09/2005
I'm from Ldn. Check out my new pics.

Posted By: [FIN]smo
Date: 07/24/2005
wing looks good.
now just order the bodykit, that i mentioned earlier :)

check out my "new" wing.
i've had it for couple of months now.
from the movie Fast and The Furious ;)

Posted By: Jason C
Date: 07/10/2005
Yea.. Nice wheels. Get it lowered next. Either Coilovers or low springs. Depends on what ride comfort you fancy. I'd chose coilvers as the low springs are putting my car a bit on the high side. Your choice...keep updating me...laters

Posted By: 1 clean cb7
Date: 06/23/2005
loving the right hand driver.......just loving it

Posted By: blaze's civic
Date: 06/21/2005
With the short ram intake and the header and exhaust its gives you anywhere from 10 -15 more horsepower not a big difference but you should do all three. If you want more power fom your engine redo the can and pulleys and upgrade your pistons and then you will feel more horsepower. You can bulid the soch engine to be competetive with the b series just cost alot of $$.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 06/20/2005
Actually it's a short ram I used to have on. Now I'm running the stock airbox MINUS all the piping and resonator box, with a K&N drop-in filter in the airbox. MUCH more mid to high end response than with the short ram intake, and it's way louder too, it'll set off car alarms just from the intake, lol! Keep up the good work with your Civic as always!

Date: 06/18/2005
hey nice ride check mines out

Posted By: blaze's civic
Date: 06/17/2005
Yeah your car is coming along nicely. The next thing I would do if I was you is lower the car. I'm thinking a 1.75in drop will look good with those 17's keep up the good work.I'm still waiting on getting my pics up with my new si rims but coming soon.

Posted By: viprez586
Date: 06/16/2005
i have a question for the shifter, is it the same as the USA grid pattern, 1st is in the top left, 2nd in the bottom left, 3rd middle middle, etc, etc????

Posted By: zcrx
Date: 06/02/2005
british people have right hand drive? holy *****, did not know that. i'm not dumb, i jsut didn't realize that before. haha i guess i am dumb, neways check out my ride.

Posted By: blaze's civic
Date: 05/06/2005
Nice ride I like your future plans with the car.I think it will look will good with the front and rear lips it will give the car a nice look. I,m also planing on going with the lips on my ride. Check it out if you get a chance and tell me what you think.

Posted By: 350Z
Date: 04/26/2005
Very nice work, sorry my old account is closed but very nice work, thanx for all the comments on my car, by the way this is 2000civicSi, I miss my Si it was really fun, listen put some 15's from an 99-00 Si and your ride will look very clean, and make sure to get a lip kit for the front and rear, and get an Si cluster,I love hondas but i really love my 350Z!!!!!

Posted By: phixion
Date: 04/13/2005
Hey man, the rear spoiler looks good! I used to want to get that same one for mine, but I figured no point if it won't help with anything anyways.

Posted By: TeamRPMaccord
Date: 04/13/2005
have fun with the new car and good luck on your future mods.

Posted By: [FIN]smo
Date: 01/26/2005
future mods seems cool, but i would recommend a fully new front & rear bumbers.
Everyone needs that 20% of their car to be fiberglass ;)

Posted By: albooogie
Date: 01/25/2005
thats a fat *****ycat ride man!! good job

Posted By: Jason C
Date: 01/19/2005
My car was like yours when I got it. Just take your time in building it up...Get a set of low springs/coilovers first (cheaper) before you get the wheels; it will be better as the lowered car will look good with set of alloys..Keep it up!

Posted By: SiR_Mat
Date: 01/18/2005
Nice Car, Looks Clean

Posted By: Devil ride
Date: 01/15/2005
sweet i simpley got a 800 4 channel amp... good enough for my sub..i got a 4 channel istead of mono or dual cause i had a 10" sub... so since 2 channels can power the same sub... it cant power 2 different inch and wats subs well. so i got a 4...and decided to put my other sub in my room.

Posted By: phixion
Date: 01/14/2005
Your welcome!

Unfortunately the US DX does not come with power anything or a sunroof. All of that including A/C is optional equipment.

Posted By: Devil ride
Date: 01/14/2005
kool kool. how many wats?

Posted By: phixion
Date: 01/13/2005
Oh man, this is the first NON Type-R right hand drive Civic I've seen, looks equivalent to the USA DX version. I'll trade you, I'd love to have a RHD Civic, LOL! Anyways good luck with your ride!!

Posted By: Devil ride
Date: 01/13/2005
hey dude thanks for the comment. its apppriated.... i like your sub.

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 01/11/2005
I just think it would look alot better with say black or bronze for sure.Maybe gunmetal.I really like your right hand drive.

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 01/09/2005
Dont get the alloy wheels.