1998 Honda Prelude non/SH
Owner: Sean Mishler (twiztd dreamz)
Date Added: 04/29/2004
Date Updated: 05/11/2004
Ride Specs

H22a, OBX cold air intake, the rest is stock


custom paint on some dash pieces, the rest is stock


Complete Aerokits shotgun style bodykit, shaved emblems, altezza style tail lights, z3 fenders, VIS Evo Style Carbon Fiber hood


17" helo burst wrapped w/ toyo proxes


skunk 2 coilovers, tokico gas shocks, factory sized crossed drilled and slotted rotors


sony headunit, 2 pioneer 4 way 6.5, 2 pioneer 4 way 6x9, 1000 watt kenwood amp, 3 10" MTX subs, and a memphis cap.

Future Mods

Carbon Fiber trunk lid, carbonfiber spoiler, fender flares, and a whole lot of engine work, 19" axis spiders (rims)

Posted By: vik2r
Date: 01/08/2007
you got some nice piece of ride...you should stick with one color...something thats gonna match your rims...keep it up...

Posted By: 03AccordLX
Date: 08/30/2006
you painted the dash pieces good, ive seen alot of cars with really bad paint on the dash. nice car

Posted By: *NiSS@n SenTrA*
Date: 04/21/2005
i like the kit....but dont much care for the chromies.......get it painted and then we'll see.....overall its a nice lude.

Posted By: GENESIS
Date: 02/17/2005
i think its a sweet ride, ppl have diff taste with rims.. so u shouldnt listen wat other ppl say, they jus like to sound like they know all about cars, but as i say its nice ride ull get alot of looks once u get that painted.. keep it up.

Posted By: Team_Invazn
Date: 12/14/2004
nice lude dude! justt needa paint the kit and get rid of those rims...keep up the good work bro..check mine out when u have time..payce out

Posted By: onesweetaccord
Date: 09/15/2004
Hey~Nice lookin' Lude! I love the bodykit you put on it, it's clean looking. What color are you planning on painting it? Keep up the good work and check out my Accord when you get a chance. Later~JuLiE

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 08/02/2004
nice job.. i agree.. lose the chrome, but hey to each his own!
...is that an automatic i see? or am i misreading the dash??

Posted By: preludesiaws
Date: 07/25/2004
nice.cant wait 2 c it painted.good work

Posted By: qbbraveheart
Date: 07/16/2004
please paint the pieces BEFORE you put them on

other than that it looks ok

come check out my lude sometime

Posted By: CiviCsta
Date: 06/24/2004
ok first of all...make sure you paint everything first before you put anything on...

Posted By: LowBlkCivic99
Date: 05/17/2004
LOve the ride, once everything is painted, it would look awesome! Keep it up

Posted By: Nittanys1
Date: 05/01/2004
Nice car you got there, check me out when you get the time

Posted By: twiztd dreamz
Date: 05/01/2004

Posted By: Vtec_Flow
Date: 04/29/2004
are u plaing on puting turbO? cuz i dunno why but no oen does in those generation ludes i dunno why

Posted By: CiviCsta
Date: 04/29/2004
nice year lude, but imo you ruined the whole car...red spray painted interior?...chrome rims?nooo noooo nooo whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...but its your car, do whatever, i luv the car though, just not what u've done to it..

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 04/29/2004
Its going to look good once its painted. Keep it up.