1997 Honda Civic LX
Owner: rob houston (civic3m)
Date Added: 02/26/2004
Date Updated: 02/26/2004
Ride Specs

d16 sohc/stage 2 cam and lifters/valves&springs
Reactive cold air intake/true time cam gears
Under drive pullies/Hot wires plat. plugs.


2 APC racing seates
OBX tru step peddles/Reactive short shift w/ boot and shift knob.
Green strobes under the dash.


Bigmouth body kit w/ gen2 euros
plasma blue heads w/ green strobs in the heads and tails.
Green streetglow w/ green licence plate lights.
Kamari superlite indy wing.


205/40/17 eagle alloys
Wrapped in Hankook HRII rubber.


APC Adj.coilovers w/ 1.7"fast springs.


Full Infinity system>2x 12inch ref. ser. Subs
Powered by 1 81000d MTX Mono amp.
Infinity 6/9s and 5 1/4s
Head unit Kenwood 8170mp3 player w/matching 6disk changer.
Also 2x 1farid caps backed up by 1 deep cycle battery,for the comps.

Future Mods

Full 21/2 exaust being installed as we speek.
Custom job in the trunk w/ ps2 and dvd player up front....On the way......also a garrett turbo awaiting a custom manifold,the turbo is off a dodge and is a super 60 w/ 30,000 clicks....we will see how it turns out!!

Posted By: Plasmex
Date: 05/11/2004
cant see your pictures dude, too small