1992 Honda Civic SI
Owner: Jamie (Accordian52)
Date Added: 01/17/2004
Date Updated: 04/14/2005
Ride Specs

[JDM B16A Block]
[USDM B16A3 Head]
[Custom Ported Head]
[Head Milled 6 Thousands]
[ITR Pistons]
[Custom 2 Layer Head Gasket]
[ARP Head Studs]
[Skunk2 Intake Manifold]
[Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket]
[NGK Blue Plug Wires]
[NGK Copper Plugs]
[D-C 4-1 Header]
[Fidanza 7.5 lb Flywheel]
[ACT HD/SS Clutch]
[2.5" Custom Catback]
[Hayame Muffler]
[ES Polyurithane Motor Mount Inserts]
[Custom Black Valve Cover]
[Red DC Sports Oil Filler Cap]
[Air Conditioning]
[Cruise Control]
[Removed Power Steering]


[3a Racing Leather Racing Seats]
[Custom Brackets]
[GSR Leather in back]
[Carbon Fiber Sunroof Race Plate]
[CX Head Liner (no Cutout for sunroof)]
[Indeglo Guages (Blue or Green)]
[Carbon Fiber Bezel]
[Carbon Fiber A-Piller Dual Guage Pod]
[52mm Vacuum Pressure Guage]
[52mm Voltage Guage]
[Short Throw Shifter]
[Carbon Fiber Shift Knob]
[20% Window Tint all Around]


[Midnight Blue Pearl Paint]
[Painted Side mirrors]
[Painted Door handle's]
[Painted Spoiler]
[Shaved Side Moldings]
[Shaved Antenna]
[Shaved Emblems]
[Removed Mud Flaps]
[Nokya Hood Pins]
[Removed Sunroof]
[Carbon Fiber Hood (VIS, OEM Style)]
[Carbon Fiber Sunroof Race Plate]
[Carbon Fiber Duckbull Spoiler (not pictured)]
[One Piece Black Housing Projector Headlights]


[5x6.5 Rota Circuit 8 Rims]
[Yokohama AVS ES100 195/50/15]
*Daily driver's*

[16x7 Hokuto Racing Myabi Rims]
[Visa 205/40/16]
*Saturday Night Cruisers*


[Eibach springs]
[Tokico shocks]
[Front Strut Tower Bar]
[Rear Strut Tower Bar]
[Four Wheel Disc Brakes]


[Pioneer Deh-P650 head unit]
[Alpine Type-S front speakers]

[1 12" Alpine Type R Subwoofer]
[Coustic 401SE Amplifier]
[SWX Connexions 4 Guage Power Wire]
[SWX Connexions 4 Guage Ground Wire]
[Monster cable RCA Cables W/ 24K gold connectors]

Future Mods

none now r.i.p.

Posted By: Capone99
Date: 10/13/2005
wow that really stinks.all that money and hard work brought something nice for a thieves eye.verry nice car.good luck with your future project

Posted By: d-block
Date: 05/11/2005
yea its my rad cap, we had to makeshift one in there somewhere, dude did they ever get ur car back?

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 04/05/2005
DUDE ! ur awsome thanks so much ! and yes i do ned to get my Tokico Adjustable Shocks in and Skunk2 coilovers in but just dunno wheni dont wanan pay money to get it installed and at the same tiem when i get it installe di have to get my rotors turn and new brake pads so doingit all at the same time but ill see what i can do to bug my buddy to get the shop open on a sunday for me heh but thanks for ya help and another thing is i also have the rear bar and rear bottom tie bar too if i had all three in would it help alots or what do u think it be like alot like a go kart ? like the way it moves *laughs* and thanks for ur comment about my Type R lip i just havent seen any accord yet with that lip mostly common is the mugen ones but thanks again man :-p

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 03/25/2005
Ahh man hey man hows it going i still remember ur coment u wrote tome when i fist joined this site i want to thank u for it too but damn it makes me somad about ppls cars getting jacked uknow those jealous MOFO'ers (nods) sigh i hope u get it back and if not then a better one or some thing altho ur civic was sick really nice car! well i got my new accord since my old one got into a wreck the red one wastotaled i dunno if u knew but checkout my new accord its the same year same trim (EX- VTEC) n aldo i got a new Type R lip checkit out let me know what ya think k peace bro ...

Posted By: garret
Date: 02/28/2005
sorry to here about your car being stolen i tell you if i see a car like it since i live in tucson, AZ, are you going to start on another car if so what kind?

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 01/19/2005
Hey whats up again ?How much did the CF sunroof cost you and were did you get it.Mines leaking and i dont want to fix it.

Posted By: SpoonFedTEG
Date: 12/21/2004
man i hate theives i got a system robbed that i had and i love that system but man they'll get whats commin to them

Posted By: SpoonFedTEG
Date: 12/17/2004
hey man sick civic i like the cf sunroof race plate keep it up and check out the coupe sumtime

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 10/27/2004
That really bites ASS Stupid FUC!$%* Jackers .I disowned all my jacker friends well so called friends.I hope you get it back, well at least some of it.Good luck

Posted By: Accordian52
Date: 10/22/2004
i wish i could update the pics, but my car was stolen a month and a half ago (see the "comments" part of my profile)
it really depends on what he wants to do with the ls/vtec. is he going to build it? or just slap on a vtec head and drop it in? if he just slaps a head on, the c5 will be better. if he builds it, the ls/vtec will be better (most likely anyways, depends on how much he builds it)

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 10/16/2004
yeah the b18c3 is a sweet spoon crate motor. ;) but very pricey!!!!

Posted By: moneymike
Date: 10/14/2004
nice ride

Posted By: 4dr
Date: 10/03/2004
hey man your cars sick I love it, too bad it got stolen, anyways check out my ride I think you'll like the engine ;) oh and nice job on what you said to that 2000civicSIR fruit he knows jack about hondas

Posted By: ej1_girl
Date: 10/01/2004
I'm sorry to hear about what happened. Let me know what happens. but your car does have looks to kill. nice

Posted By: Accordian52
Date: 09/26/2004
b163's come in a 94-95 del sol VTEC, and have all the same stats a regular b16 has.. it's just usdm.
any b16a, or any h22a, etc with a number afterwards is usdm.. b16a3 = usdm, b16a = jdm. b16a2 = usdm, and so on. h22a4 = usdm, h22a = jdm.. you get the idea :)

Posted By: HondaTuner4267
Date: 09/06/2004
Thse black 1-piece headlights look great........keep up the good work and check out my '92 accord

Posted By: prsportychic
Date: 09/02/2004
thanks for the comment. Wow, you have a sweet ride! I still yet to hook mine up. Slowly but surely.

Posted By: reesema2
Date: 09/02/2004
it kills performance a little, but i also have 15" oz racing wheels which are much lighter. the header is a nice one i can really tell a difference in power. there is still some work to be done. your car looks nice also, how has the intake manifold improved your performance? sleeper look that is what i like, keep it up!!!!

Posted By: k8isgr8
Date: 08/27/2004
Nice hatch. I have a 93', check mine out sometime!

Posted By: Scphiel
Date: 08/26/2004
Thanx for warning me on the rims. Are 16s better? I am looking for a nice black or black with a polished lip rim that is affordable and nice looking. Should i go for 15s or 16s? Thanks again.

Posted By: Scphiel
Date: 08/26/2004
Awesome looking hatch. Its so clean. Yeah i do intead on lowering it man. I just have no money. The money i was about to buy rims with is having to go to my band so i can buy a new and bigger and better halfstack. Having a passion for guitars and cars is so hard. Check me out this summer though. I'll be riding then!!!

Posted By: phixion
Date: 08/23/2004
Hey there. Nope, not a haox. The H-brace really does make a differance. I was looking to get a front lower tiebar at first, then I saw the H-brace, and noticed it was considerably cheaper than a tiebar, so I got it. $65 out the door from an authorized Megan Racing retailer, whom happenes to be located just a few miles from Megan's facilities here in So. Cali. My car used to have bad oversteer problems, and the H-brace really cleaned that up without adding any understeer to the front. Steering is more responsive and the car overall handles much better. As for the LCAs, they are good. Half the price as the SRR arms, but I'm thinking about equal to them in performance and quality. The hard bushings of the Megan arms made the rear suspension a little stiffer feeling I noticed, like a little bouncier over bumps and such, that's ok though. They look great, and installed in less than an hour.

Posted By: Importdreamer
Date: 08/16/2004
Nice hatch. I love the rims. They look great with the car. Also love the color it's hot.

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 08/12/2004
Whats up again ,I updated my site come check it out and let me know what you think.Its still not painted yet ,thats coming soon :)

Posted By: Malachiman
Date: 08/11/2004
Thanks for the comments. Clean clean ride. I like the look especially the hood. Can I have your engine? ha

Posted By: rce^rkt
Date: 08/11/2004
the phone company makes my engine

Posted By: types
Date: 08/11/2004
Thanks for the comments, Your car very nice!

Posted By: nikkisintegra
Date: 08/10/2004
clean as sh**t!! simply lovely!!

Posted By: Accordian52
Date: 08/10/2004
you know its funny you mention teh spoon cf wing, i just bought one yesterday, nd should be here in teh next week!

Posted By: AllShowNoGo :o)
Date: 08/09/2004
Nice ride also, it would look really phat with a Spoon carbon fiber wing . Im really digging your OEM look .Maybe slap some amber corners on it.Check out my ride in Sept. ill have lots of new pictures on .Its went through an entire makeover . It dont look the same.Please vote when i put them on.Thanks

Posted By: Accordian52
Date: 08/09/2004
haha, yeah! sucks that he killed the column, i thought it was a pretty cool idea.

if you ever come to az, you can drive it all you want, as long as you dont dent 'er and fill up the tank !! :)

Posted By: hondasal
Date: 08/09/2004

Posted By: Black Widow g2
Date: 08/05/2004
jamie! you won ride of the month on hondaswap... then b killed the column. i was up for it in may. :P yea, i voted... your civic is nice. come over so i can take a test drive eh? ;) hit me up on aim sometime.

Posted By: manny
Date: 08/04/2004
sorry, but it was close

Posted By: Black Widow g2
Date: 07/21/2004
hey! nice little hatchie!! lots of love and money went into it... and i'm sure it's heard its share of cussing. ;) check out my ride... 90 LS -Mistique *you know me from HondaSwap as StarBellieAngel* :)

Posted By: manny
Date: 06/17/2004
nice ride let me know how much

Posted By: neon
Date: 06/17/2004
thanx for the comment, tell ur girl it's fo sale if she wants it!

Posted By: neon
Date: 05/25/2004
nice ride, like what you've done, keep up the good work, take a look at mine

Posted By: shep
Date: 04/24/2004
Yo you're right about the car needing to be lower, but had to wait till after winter. You would be suprised how much I scrape at this off road stock height. Your car is looking sweet.

Posted By: JJ1
Date: 04/13/2004
Sweet ass car buddy - just loose the fart can.

Posted By: Accordian52
Date: 03/17/2004
IstoleYurHonda: how do you know that i never had alpines, or any subs for that matter? not everything i did to my accord(or my civic) i put up on the internet.
who the hell are you anyway? (and it's called a cap's lock button by the way)
everyone else: thanks for the comments!!

Posted By: IstoleYurHonda
Date: 03/10/2004

Posted By: *necio*
Date: 03/03/2004
clean ass hatch man nice lookin prizentable like da rims too i got da same ones in mag storage but i got 90 si prelude rims on mah hatch u should chek it out but nice ride keep dat up..

Posted By: NYaccord97
Date: 02/29/2004
nice ride man, excelent project you got going for you, Ive been working on mine for a while now, I just opt not to list all my motor mods on this website, but n e way, I seen how u dont have the bypass valve also, lol its a club we are starting, I dont have one either, and I hydrolocked my first motor!

Posted By: MaaseyRacer
Date: 02/12/2004
Jamie do not listen to the guys who say there is not much more you can do to the car, that motor has been barly touched. There is still a bottom end to build, and the head is still stock. The car looks dope man, and I will catch you on AIM or Hondaswap.

Posted By: TekSI
Date: 02/10/2004
nice civic...there really isn't much you can do to it anymore, you have it all down and did a good job...what do u think about what i have planned for mine?

Posted By: AccordWarrior
Date: 02/07/2004
I didn't realize they made 1 piece black projectors for the civic...my bad...its been awhile since i've been up on my civic parts...but my friend who also has a 92 Si hatch on this site was looking into getting strut bars for the back...one of them is for the rear strut barts...the other is a C pillar brace...i don't know if it makes a difference...but its just something to look into that might firm up the handling even more...as far as the tails...have you ever thought about just tinting them a little since you already have a dark colored car...just an idea...but about that bypass comment...where i live we get rain, snow slush...all kinds of good stuff, i didn't notice that you were from az...and i just didn't want to see you risk that sweet motor to something you could prevent...keep up the good work

Posted By: Accordian52
Date: 01/29/2004
thanks for the comments guys! my clutch just went out and set me back a little bit in the scheduled mods..
Accordwarrior - I don't think i need a by pass on the intake, as i live in Phoenix. it's sunny over 300 days a year, and get less then 10" of rain a year. but it would be nice though!!!
i was going to get some black 1 piecers with angel eyes.. i guess i've just always wanted them. :D
keep the replys comming! i need some CONSTRUCTIVE opinions!

Posted By: AccordWarrior
Date: 01/24/2004
Awesome Civic man, I love the blue pearl in the paint, really adds at just the right angle. My only addition to your car would be a water bypass on your cold air...i don't see one in the pic and i know that hydrolocking your motor could cause problems. Other than that...its really sweet, i know you want 1 piece, but did you ever think of black angel eye projectors and black corners?...just a thought...

Posted By: crxtunerfan
Date: 01/18/2004
Looking good man! that is one clean hatch!