1988 Honda Prelude si
Owner: Jackie L (250_LuDe_BoI)
Date Added: 10/31/2003
Date Updated: 04/06/2004
Ride Specs

custom 2.25 inch cat back Exhaust
short rim intake
blue NGK spark plug wire


red momo apche streeing wheel
momo sifter


custom yellow with green pearls
full under body neon
h4 head lights converion with blue light
PIAA spark 8000k head lights


17 inch rims (broze)
Kumho ecsta 712 205/40/17


Tokic HP
H&R race springs


Alpine deck
Alpine v12 amp
Alpine back spekers
MB quart front spekers
JL w1 10inch X2

Future Mods


Posted By: Xcure
Date: 02/26/2006
Hey crazy looking ride. the blue is AWESOME. Didnt know yellow and blue could look perfect like that.. craxy....hey do me a favor, where do you get bright lights like that? The kit i got the lights were all dimm could barely see anything. I need something like that, that stands out. let me know. thnx

Posted By: lude_speed91
Date: 03/17/2005
dude man sick represnt the 3gs need some engine mods 2 match them sick looks


Posted By: joshlotto
Date: 12/14/2004
way to show it off...come check out my 3rd gen prelude

Posted By: ezza
Date: 08/17/2004
nice car! glad to see people who havnt forgot the older models. ignor geoff, he is odviously sum1 who thinks it is uncool to put rims any bigger than 15" and must have orange corner lenses.
its not all about JDM, thats the whole point of modding a car, its to make it stand out, not everyone wants a dull car that u wouldnt look twice at.
But yours on the other hand............nice!

Its not all about JDM people!

Posted By: hondasal
Date: 08/09/2004

Posted By: neon
Date: 06/30/2004
like the new lude better, but i give u props for pimpin the old school. check mine out

Posted By: geoff
Date: 12/30/2003
wow nice knock off volks. Those ground effects look really cool. How much faster was your car once you installed those??

Posted By: AccordWarrior
Date: 10/31/2003
sorry, i didn't realize it was already sold...so neglect my previous comments...

Posted By: AccordWarrior
Date: 10/31/2003
Not a bad looking Prelude, its nice to see peopel working on the older generation ones. I didn't think i'd like the color combo of yellow and gold rims, but your car pulls it off really well. Those headlights are cool, i'm surprised you don't get in too much trouble for having those. My only opinions on your car would be to change your fog lights...the after market ones look kinda odd on this car, especially since there are the holes for the factory ones still in the bumper. If you can't find a factory set, even just move your set in front of the factory holes. The other thing i'd do is something with the windshield decal. I'm not against the decal, i mean they look okay on certain cars, but the yellow with the white background is a bit much. I would just remove the white part and leave the yellow...anyways good luck and very nice start to a very good looking car...