1998 Honda CRV widebody Z3
Owner: Andre Lampe (cr-vingaruba)
Date Added: 06/22/2002
Date Updated: 05/12/2005
Ride Specs

aem cold air intake
aem by-pass valve
aem fuel rail
aem fuel regulator


Grant products steering wheel cover (carbon)
carbonfiber dash kit
few things painted lime green
4 DAD racing seats
ractive shift boot
MOMO full carbon fiber pedals


mugen aero body kit
custom wide body
AUTOLOC full shaved doors
roof scoop
Z3 fenders
mugen aero mirror covers
wings west wing
aerospeed the bomb exaust
some parts lime green
apc wire mesh
type r carbon fiber emblems
wings west spoiler
mugen mirror covers
road boy spotlights


5x enkei RP-07 19"
Nitto nt555 235/35zr19


weapon R dual spring coil over
tokico gas shocks
spc correct cambers


clarion speakers
clarion dobble den radio,cassette,cd,
speedglow under body lights (Blue)

Future Mods

head swap

Posted By: stewartman
Date: 10/28/2011
you should upload a pic of your engine.

Posted By: jav94
Date: 03/07/2007
thats hot

Posted By: Got2GruV
Date: 01/16/2006
nice and clean lookin CR-V you got there! the green calipers doesnt look good maybe white? z3 fenders shockingly matches it very well. . . overall. . . one fine CR-V!!! peace out!

Posted By: dragyn00
Date: 01/07/2006

Posted By: horrse
Date: 10/02/2005
whao sweet man.. but why the green calipers? anywho what head you gettin? can the CRV tranny handly it?

Posted By: DJ Hizzle
Date: 09/19/2005
diffinatly something different. looks good tho, very clean

Posted By: Capone99
Date: 08/28/2005
gotta love type r badges on a non type r.....looks odd but its neat

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 07/14/2005
z3 fenders are so 1984

Posted By: D_experience
Date: 06/25/2005
wow is that 19" rims, love the way you custom that ride no more to say make me wanna crv too hehe ^ ^

Posted By: *NiSS@n SenTrA*
Date: 04/21/2005
pretty sick dude...i like the widebody...and the type r emblem haha.....nice and clean...except ur calipers are lime green and that your banner is blue and silver....keep up the work....and thrown down some custom paint and you got it

Posted By: JDM-K20DC-2
Date: 01/27/2005
i like ur ride looks tite.. keep up da good work.. oh ya u got mugen mirror cover on ur list twice=)

Posted By: Nonehere
Date: 01/21/2005
nice job on the crv, keep on pimp n!!!

Posted By: # 01
Date: 12/26/2004
nyce job on tha CRV!

Posted By: 1sickcivic
Date: 12/20/2004
that my friend is cool, well done.

Posted By: 4dr
Date: 12/20/2004
wow it looks even nicer in white!!! keep it up

Posted By: [FIN]smo
Date: 12/08/2004
ffs, this is awesome

Posted By: GeTinLine
Date: 11/07/2004
nicest crv ever!!but i agree with everyone the decalS!! take them off!!but this crv is TOOOOOO COOOOOOOLL!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: TheBull
Date: 09/10/2004
I agree with the rest of 'em love the car but hate that stickers.

Posted By: 4dr
Date: 07/13/2004
I never was too fond about CRVs, until I saw yours, and I agree with Accordian52, its nice without all the stickers, and I love the whole Blue and Green accent

Posted By: AccordV66spd
Date: 04/09/2004
That junk is crazy. I love it. That's the nicest CRV I've ever seen.

Posted By: 4U2NV
Date: 03/09/2004
I usually hate CRV's, but you took it to the limit. It looks great. I never thought they could look so good. Nice job.

Posted By: Accordian52
Date: 02/12/2004
that things awsome!!!! (minus the stickers that is)

Posted By: HondacivicexBoy
Date: 12/16/2003
i like it. its different