1991 Honda Accord DX
Owner: Wally (4thaccord)
Date Added: 05/22/2002
Date Updated: 12/12/2002
Ride Specs

F22a1 Engine
Short ram intake
Gude cam
nology plug wire
Apex N1 rear section
DC header 4-2-1


silver moldings


r33 front and buddy club rear and sides
shaved side moldings
M3 side mirros with turn signals


"police style" stock


Suspension tech 2" drop


Optima red top battery
front fosgate 6.5 speakers
fosgate rear 6.5 speakers
fosgate 400.4
Sony 1000 Class d
Stinger Full cap digital read out
2 12" JL W3 D4 in parrallel
fiberglass box in spare wheel well

Future Mods

h22a or h23a swap and auto to standard and rims i think maybe 17" konig helium and a vis extreme back bumper and a shaved trunk

Posted By: b18pwr
Date: 01/09/2007
hey man...i jus got mine and ima go with the blitz bogy kit..go see mine itz pretty stock but it works...hey do u no how the sport butten works?? like what does it do? and can u tell me what it meanz if its bliknin?? thanks man later