1996 Honda Accord I
Owner: Stevie Armstrong (Steven Armstron)
Date Added: 05/18/2002
Date Updated: 07/22/2002
Ride Specs

F18A3 Engine
Custom Cold Air Intake
large diameter throttle body
inlet and exhaust ports smoothed and gas flowed
custom exhaust system based on the Spoon Sports design
timing advanced 3.25 degrees.
Newly added AEM adjustable cam, lightweight underdrive pulleys, AP Racing triple plate clutch, Cusco lightened flywheel.


Standard type A Black interior. Polished Type-R Accord gear selector.


Carbon Fibre bonnet


Honda 15x7jj wheels with 205/65/R15 94V directional tyres.


HKS coilovers *NEW*
EBC Grooved front disks
EBC Standard rear disks
Kevlar pads all round
Custom Front upper, Front lower, rear upper and rear lower strut braces and tie bars.


Awia 4x45w single CD head unit. 2 Kenwood 280w 6x9" rear speakers powered by a 250w 2 channel amp. 2 Kenwood 180w 6" front speakers powered by head unit

Future Mods

H22A swap from an Accord Type-R planned in the coming year or so. Planning on getting a low level spoiler to tidy up the airflow over the rear of the car.

Posted By: CD5acrd
Date: 06/16/2005
very slick and clean I luv the euro spec models.