1994 Honda Accord
Owner: Tony B (JDMAccord)
Date Added: 04/08/2002
Date Updated: 09/24/2002
Ride Specs

'95 JDM Accord SiR motor + tranny
Power: 190bhp@6800
Torque: 152ft/lbs@5500
NGK 8MM Plugs
Polished intake/ K&N Filter


yeah, it's stock...


JDM headlights
JDM rear deck wing
greddy front lip


18" focal f-5's wrapped in 225/35 yokohama paradas


h&r springs
tokico struts


alpine head
mb quartz all around
alpine v12 amp

Future Mods


Posted By: horrse
Date: 05/29/2006
nice, not really diggin the rims myself though

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 09/05/2004
u got those Tokico Strunts what color are they are they the blue standard ones or the white adjustable ones? and how much did u lower ya car ? cuz i think it stated u cant even lower it 2 inches which made me felt a lil dissapointed but i just wanna know what did u do altho u got or shouldi say had the 18's so u didnt have to lower too much right ?

Posted By: Accordian52
Date: 08/24/2004
sorry to hear that you dont have it any more.. it looked great!! best of luck to you on your future car(s)!!

Posted By: JDMAccord
Date: 05/04/2004
Sad to report, the car is no longer mine. However, the swap was quite easy... well, not difficult. Took quite some time to complete, mostly because I did it during a busy summer. The motor pics. I uploaded are from the JDM auto I got the motor from.

Posted By: GeTinLine
Date: 03/15/2004
how about a picture of the engine along with the car? all i see is the engine. how do we know its actually in your car? nice exterior work though.

Posted By: civic94
Date: 02/27/2004
Tight Ride, Phat Engine is that a 2.2 L???

Posted By: HondaFreak34
Date: 10/31/2003
Very nice clean car. Was the motor swap easy? What engine code is a JDM SiR motor? Good luck w/the turbo.