1994 Honda Prelude SRV
Owner: Brett Davidson
Date Added: 02/04/2002
Date Updated: 08/24/2002
Ride Specs

Iron Sleeved Block
Complete Valvtrain:
Ferrea Stainless steel valves
Ferrea Titanium spring retainers
Ferrea Valve Seats
Ferrea Stiffer Valve springs
Ferrea valve locks
Never used the Roller Rockers, running stock rockers w/ vtec
Stock Cams
Original 94 vtec w/ 2.3 bottom end
DPR stage 6 port work modified for turbo
RC ported throttle body
DPR ported intake
Custom 3 inch exhaust
FMAX intercooler and piping and custom,
Turbonetics full T04
HKS wastegate 50mm
Revhard equal length stainless manifold
72lb/hr Injectors
Autronic Engine Managment w/ self tuning chip
Magnacore 8.5mm wires
Lightened flywheel
ACT extreme plate, 6 puck disc
JE Pistons 8.25 to 1
AEM Hyper Rods
AEM red adjustable cam gears
Aeromotive pump and filter
STR Rail
MSD Digital 6 Ignition
Blaster 2 coil
Greddy Blow off valve
100 shot NOS


indiglo gauges
racing pedals
5" autometer tach with shift light
red carbon fiber kit


andys autosport 4pc. body kit
got new spoiler, (JSP terminator 2)
euro tail lights, and euro corners
red underbody lights
shaved trunk, and honda emblems.
Have Z3 Fenders, but not yet installed. New reflective tints!!


17'x7.5' koing monsoons wrapped in kuhmo ecstas 215/40/17


2.5 inch drop with H&R race springs
AEM big brake conversion.


Clarion head unit
JBL 1200.1 for subs
JBL 600.1 to power highs
2 JL audio 12W3's

Future Mods

19'' rims
vinyl interior
new paint job
JDM one peice headlights

Posted By: aznpnoyracer
Date: 06/04/2006
dud that is some seriouse engine, love it. how can I boost my h22 what do I need to do with it first so it can be boosted?

Posted By: TheBull
Date: 09/12/2004
the only thing I see on this car worthy of number four spot is the engine but want evewr floats your boat

Posted By: phixion
Date: 09/09/2004
Awesome, awesome engien and work put into it. Not terribly digging the exterior though, but it definitely has the go! Good work!

Posted By: 0mestizo0
Date: 07/07/2004

Posted By: The Lude
Date: 02/25/2004
Pretty nice ride man...

Posted By: crazielude
Date: 02/11/2004
whoa nice times (which is yours?). That weird b/c i ran a 15.4 @ 89 and up there its a . It could be that the track I run at SUCKS! lol. Lookin' good.

Posted By: stillmatic
Date: 09/24/2003
a dawg your car is sick, was it always red? i realy want to turbo my car u get a 5 from me , let me know how much u paid fo everything under yout hood. aight then