1996 Honda Accord LX
Owner: Jon Lanning
Date Added: 02/04/2002
Ride Specs

DC sport Direct air Charger
8mm red spark plug wires




clear conners and bumper lights
PIAA head lights and fog lights


Stock hub caps


DC front strut bar


Pioneer 7300 cd player
Rockford Fostgate 61\2 and 6x9
Rockford fostgate HE2 subs 12's
Rockford fostgate 1000.1 on the subs
Rockford fostgate 200.4 on the mids and highs
4g and 8g wire
cadence crossover

Future Mods

Eyebrows in my closet waitting to get put on
dc headers and apexi exhaust on order from nopi.com
Focal F5 17's or Focal R3's 17's
lower it on the wheels

Posted By: lude_speed91
Date: 05/21/2005
sweet ride dude peep mine


Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 09/01/2004
Cool car bro is it a auto/5sp, 2/4dr? and dang huge sub box thats cool tho how u made it all custom fit. are u gunna get your new things put into it or have u?, and take some more pics of the car in different veiws if u can.

Posted By: Jayzride
Date: 03/12/2004
nice system. Looks like you got that section taken car of. check out the rear deck lid on my page. we`re also going to make the piece blow it that runs horizontal and the two triangler shape pieces on the sides too. to help complete the look. and with a plexy glass show case like yours with carbon all around it in the rear. Its going to be off the hook and hard to beat at shows when were finised. let me know what you think. I will give you a hook up price on it. just to see that rear section with a sick system display

Posted By: 19accord96
Date: 01/16/2004
nice car !! i think u need more engine upgrades and interior as well. other than that nice job keep it up!!!!!